Horseback Riding Ocala Florida

Makin' Tracks Trail Rides, LLC

Helping Horses Help Themselves

Helping Horses Help Themselves

Makin' Tracks Trail Rides, LLC

Everything started with our family taking in rescued horses.

All the local kids would ride our horses with us to keep them fit.

 Soon we decided to offer guided trail rides to help support our rescue efforts.

Gradually Makin' Tracks Trail Rides, LLC Took on a life of it's own.

Our trail rides grew into a great family business.

Makin' Tracks Trail Rides, LLC

Since 2005 this family run operation has been

supporting our horses and our family.

Through GOD's support We have the most

 amazing life! 


Here are a few of the horses at

Makin' Tracks Trail Rides, LLC

The Rescues And Their Stories

Rocky & Shiloh

Shiloh and Rocky have just arrived I will update more as we get to know them better. From what I can see they are both absolutely sweet. Rocky is a Tennessee Walker gelding, and Shiloh is an Appaloosa mare. 

Romeo (Found his forever home!)


is still young but is turning out to be a great trail horse.He is a one-eyed quarter horse paint. Very willing and sweet. His previous owners did everything to try to save his eye, but it just wasn't going to happen. They were an older couple and decided that they no longer wanted the responsibility of caring for horses. They placed their horses in good homes. We were lucky enough to recieve Romeo and his daughter Dolly.


My little girls pony.

What a mess she is. We love her despite it though. She is probably the most spoiled and one of the smartest critters I know. Half pony and half horse and a total handfull.

Bones October 7 2010

These Poor Babies

10/07/2010 Will update soon.

As of now they are very skinny and very hungry their names have not been chosen yet but we will keep everyone updated on their progress.

10/08/2010 They now have names Top is Bones and Below is Cherry

They are already showing more energy and are very excited to have food! We will keep updating everyone on their progress.

10/12/2010 Bones and Cherry are doing very well and a full recovery is expected. They are starting to shine a bit and they are getting close to full time on the hay. They have great appetite and so far no serious problems. Bones needed a good cleaning as he had a very nasy bean that was blocking his urine, but is much better now. They are starting to show their personalities now. Of course Cherry is the one with attitude, and Bones is a perfect gentleman. It is always the little ones that have the attitudes.  We will keep you fully updated will  post pictures soon.

10/13/2010 Here are some new pics of the new babies

  They are already looking better

It's just a matter of time and they should be good as new. It's hard to tell in the pics but they have a  shine to their coats and a sparkle in their eyes now. You can see they have hope. Cherry has taken a little more to get her trust, but Bones is a very trusting fellow. They are both very friendly and very vocal now. They get very excited to know they are getting released out of the barn in the mornings. They don't seem to care for carrots yet but Bones really likes combos :). They have a long way to go, but I think they are heading in the right direction now.


Cherry was adopted out today                    12-18-2010. 

 She went to a 50 acre farm to work with children.

Thanks Nick.

Sorry for the delay, here is an updated picture of Bones.

As you can clearly see he is doing great!

We have even had to reduce his feed as he is starting to get too fat.

He loves the trails and loves to swim.




Found his new home



A large Thourohgbred retired racehorse. A little much for some riders, but he seems to be calming down with age. Probably will always be a guide horse. He is up for adoption to the right experienced home. But he is sweet anyway. We love him and he is a blast to ride, if you know what your doing.


Found His New Home

Thank You Jolene 


Our one eyed mustang. He is a wonderful horse. And a joy to be around, needs a somewhat experienced rider.

Dancer is looking for his special person and a forever home. 



Has gone to his forever home

Beau was our first rescue. He was a 2 year old thoroughbred stallion. He was very under weight when the neighbors first brought him home. They did not have resources for a horse. The pen they were trying to keep him in would not hold him, especially with a mare just down the road on our property. They had him for a couple of months. For whatever reason, even though I tried to help to educate them on the needs that a horse has they would not repair his pen and he was continually dropping more and more weight. He would come to our property regulary and it was becoming a danger to our son 2 years old at the time. Racing into our yard at random times. So, after numerous times gave them a choice. Either we will buy the horse from you or we are going to call animal control. That was about 8 years ago.  He really doesn't work at all because he seems to be sore in his stifles on occasion. But he is really sweet.


Little Misty

She is a sweet little appy mare. She is 20 ish as we don't know her true age. Cody my son claims her as his own. Customers ride her occasionally, but sometimes she can be a little forward if not properly matched with her rider. Misty was the result of a young lady growing up. She wanted to board her here, and then just never came back for her. A year or so later we found out that she decided that she wanted her to stay with us because she had a good home here. She is not up for adoption. She will spend the rest of her days with us. She is a part of our family.


Marigold Bay

Has Gone To A Wonderful Home

Thank You Judy



Mary is a 21 year old thoroughbred mare. We recieved her as a result of looking into lessons for our son about 6 years ago. A farm was struggling financially and needed to place her. We decided to bring her home. She has been with us for about 6 years. She helped us get started with the trail rides, and is another permanant. She is a hard keeper and requires alot of maintenence. We could not imagine ever placing her unless it was extra special circumstances. She still works regulary and seems to love her job.

Anna was adopted out this summer. 2010



Anna is the most beautiful palimino quarter horse you have ever seen. Unfortunatly she is sore enough not to be ridden but we are hoping with time she will heal. Her previous owner was heartbroken to have to give her up but had no choice. Her situation force her to place her 2 wonderful mares.

Update Anna has become sound.

Anna has her very own little girl!!

Thank you for giving a great horse a chance Trish!!!



Cash is a georgous bay mare that came along with Anna. We are just starting to work with her and are not sure how she is going to turn out. We will know here in the next few months.

Cash was adopted today to a women that we believe will give her a wonderful home!!

Thank you Melissa!!!

Breezy was adopted out today 12-17-2010 Thank you Brandon




Our newest rescue. Her previous owner told us that we are the 6th home that they have given her to. We are really hoping that she will work out for the trails. She is a belgium/quarter cross. So far very sweet and just a little timid.  Finances forced us to place Breezy up for adoption, but we hope that she has now found her forever home with Brandon.

Rose was adopted 12-18-2010 Thanks Nick!


         Shadow  Rose       

Rosie is a retired racehorse. She is about 18 years old. She was given to us because her previous owners were moving and needed to downsize on horses. She was in good health. She was a bit of a handfull though. Now she is a wonderful trail horse and works regulary.  She loves to go and would never turn down a chance to run if the offer is made to her. But she is alot of fun!



Luna was adopted out to Brandon on 12-17-2010           Allie found a great forever home with April & Brian        03-23-2010.

Allie & Luna


Allie is a  great little Paso Mare. One of our regular trail horses. She was the result of someone needing to downsize their farm. Turns out she has a wonderful personality.  

Update we found a great home for Allie and decided to let her go have her special person. She will still come visit for a ride here and there though.

She came with her daughter Luna who is still learning how to behave. She is not ready for trails and has since earned the nickname "Lunatic". She is getting better though, and we hope to have her out there on the trails by next year.

 Update Luna has become a bit better, but has not turned out to be right for the trail riding enviroment. She needs a to be someones horse not everyone's horse. She was looking for a home but has since been adopted out to Brandon. Thank you Brandon. We hope she works out for you.


Blind Misty

R.I.P. You were very loved an will always have a place in the hearts of many

 Angie Misty


Yes she is blind. But don't let it fool you. She is a wonderful kids horse. She is a strong part of our working herd. She matches her pace to her riders skill level. She has been with us about 4 years and will have a permanent home with us unless something extra special comes along for her. She is 34 years old and not currently up for adoption. Her preveious owner was in and out of the hospital with cancer and needed to place her and Dancer a mustang . She had no reliable source to care for her when she was unavailable.  She gave them to us in hopes that she would receive a good home and the proper care that they needed. Needless to say we never expected a blind horse to be such a wonderful addition to our trail riding program. My daughter started riding her on her own at age 4 and still loves riding her now at 6 years old. She has brought many adults and children's confidence up and gotten them beyond their fear of riding. I tell people they need to take care when they ride the blind horse, and she in turn takes good care of her riders. I wish I had 20 more horses just like her.  She can run as well as the other horses, but I can put the smallest child on her and know she will take good care of them too.